What is www.foodblogcontent.com?

Thanks for checking out www.foodblogcontent.com, I am so glad you are here! My website is an instant download food blog content website where you can purchase recipes, photography packages, round up's and more.

What is a semi-exclusive?

A semi-exclusive is a package including recipe development and photography that is shared among multiple buyers. The recipe, instructions, FAQ’s and process images are shared. However, each blogger gets their own set of individual final images. 

Why buy shared content? 

The main benefit to purchasing a semi-exclusive is cost savings. Buying a semi-exclusive allows you to purchase quality photography packages at a lower cost. The great thing about semi-exclusives is by adjusting the recipe, wording on the FAQ’s and choosing creative keywords...you can really create your own exclusive for significantly lower cost. It is also a cheaper way to update images in recipes you may already have on your site. 

What is an exclusive?

An exclusive is a package including recipe development and photography that is sold to ONE blogger. The recipe, process images and final images are uniquely yours and will not be reproduced. 

What is PLR?

Private Label Right Content - for use on your blog, enewsletter content, cookbooks, free opt-in reports, or other products to give away or sell to your customers in a product for their personal use.  BUYER MAY NOT RESELL IMAGES DIRECTLY, TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF IMAGES OR SELL OWNERSHIP OF IMAGES THROUGH STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY SALES, CONTENT SALES OR ANY SIMILAR AUCTION OR CONTENT RELATED SALES GROUPS OR WEBSITES.

When will my photos be removed from the site?

I typically remove exclusives within 24 hours. I let the semi-exclusives stay up a bit longer so that buyers can compare their set to other sets that have sold. If you want your photos taken down immediately, please let me know and I am happy to do that for you. 

What kind of process images do you include?

I try to include a portrait and landscape image for each vital step of the recipe. This is not guaranteed, just a general guideline I follow. 

Why are different recipes priced differently?

Recipe pricing is complicated, when considering what to price my recipe at the following things are considered:

  • Recipe type (Smoothies vs triple layer cheesecakes)
  • Ingredient Cost (Pancakes vs lobster)
  • Shooting Time 
  • Preparations for shoots (Was it tested multiple times?)
  • Quantity of images needed

What is Food Blog Content Insiders?

Food Blog Content Insiders is my private facebook group. They get sneak peeks at all content before it is sent out to my mailing list or posted in content groups. They also get exclusive offers and are regularly asked for feedback on monthly menu's. If you are a blogger, we would love to have you join us