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I am finishing culinary school, taking a flooded cookie course, updating equipment and props and will be back better than ever!

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Strategically developed recipes using my 5 step process to bring traffic to your blog through highly ranked keyword opportunities and extensive image research.


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Keyword rich food blog articles and kitchen how-to's that will connect with your readers and keep them coming back to your blog. 



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As a blogger, I know how busy you are.

That's why I created so you can instantly get the content you need without waiting for invoicing or delivery. 

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I love that I can buy content from my favorite photographer privately and have it delivered instantly. Karen's waiting list is months long and now I don't have to wait! 


I love buying Karen's photos! You can tell she takes the time to style every single shot perfectly! She provides a wide variety of shots in your purchase so you are sure to find the perfect pictures for your blog every single time. I'm so excited that now we will be able to purchase and download instantly and add them to our blogs even sooner. 


I was blown away the first time I received photos from Karen. Her services go far beyond photography. She truly understands the industry. Each recipe and photo is intentional.